Pterodactyl 后端使用自定义 DNS 服务器


Pterodactyl 面板的后端从用 JavaScript 写的 daemon 改为了用 Go 写的 daemon. 这个变更是极好的, 这样运行的时候就不需要依赖 NodeJS 了. 但是 wings 将 Cloudflare 的 作为了其默认 DNS. 在此之前是 Google DNS. 但是在我所使用的机房中, Cloudflare DNS 是不通的. 这导致了在游戏内与验证服务器沟通的问题.

感谢 @yfsama 帮我解决了这个问题.


编辑 wings 的配置文件 /etc/pterodactyl/config.yml, 在 docker 的 network 下加入


即可. 整个 docker 部分的配置应该看起来是这样的.

    name: pterodactyl_nw
    ispn: false
    driver: bridge
    network_mode: pterodactyl_nw
    is_internal: false
    enable_icc: true
	subnet: fdba:17c8:6c94::/64
        gateway: fdba:17c8:6c94::1011
  domainname: ""
  registries: {}
  tmpfs_size: 100


我还在等 yf 阿姨的自研面板

在 CentOS7 上安装影音中心 Jellyfin


最近买了台储存型 VPS 来刷 PT. 有的时候还想看些片子,因为没开各家流媒体服务商的会员,所以我一般都是把资源下到移动硬盘里。但是走到哪都拿个移动硬盘也不现实。所以就萌生了在那台储存型 VPS 上搭个影音中心的想法。为了最好的体验,这个影音中心应该建在局域网内。但是我因为缺少相关的设备,就放在公网了。


解决 Pterodactyl 判断 OS 错误的问题。


03:40:50.633Z FATAL wings: A fatal error caused the daemon to abort the startup. (additional={})
    Error: Unable to create a pterodactyl user and group, unknown operating system.
        at /srv/daemon/src/index.js:200:34
        at nextTask (/srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@async/dist/async.js:5324:14)
        at next (/srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@async/dist/async.js:5331:9)
        at /srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@async/dist/async.js:969:16
        at /srv/daemon/src/index.js:176:21
        at /srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@getos/index.js:95:16
        at wrapper (/srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@async/dist/async.js:268:20)
        at iteratorCallback (/srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@async/dist/async.js:495:17)
        at /srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@async/dist/async.js:321:20
        at /srv/daemon/node_modules/[email protected]@getos/index.js:87:20

VMHaus Twitter 账号被黑 - Explained.

VMHaus 是一家成立于 2017 年冬的 IDC,主营廉价的 UK / US / NL 主机。在约为三年的运营时间里,公司被几经转手。目前由 Mythic Beasts 运营。其 twitter 账户在 5 月 27 日晚被非法使用,号称免费发放 VMHaus 的 Bonsia 控制面板源码和数据库备份。

VMHaus twitter 被黑是什么意思?VMHaus twitter 被黑是什么梗?VMHaus twitter 被黑是谁?这个梗又是从何而来?为什么一瞬间就有好多人使用这个梗?为什么大家都在VMHaus twitter 被黑?相信不少同学都很想了解这个梗,下面就让小编来为大家介绍一下VMHaus twitter 被黑梗的详细内容。

注:本文的信息来源包含公众人士,VMHaus 创始人, Mythic Beasts 并加以本人的个人见解。


So, I made a Telegram Bot to mangae Pterodactyl Servers


Check out @wolfhonokabot, or deploy your own one using Pterodactyl-TG-Bot


Staying at home during the corona virus pandemic is very boring.. And I have already spent quite a few days with PC(basically just playing games). One day I just didn’t want to play that game anymore, and wondered what else I could do. All in a sudden the idea of starting this project came to my mind.

Technical things during the development(I guess?)

All right, as we all know the Pterodactyl Panel API can just do limited things. And the way which how it works is very straight forward. So my real challanedge is how to make sure the bot has a good user experience. As you can see, the current interface isn’t something very great. When you sending a command or a power action, you need to enter your server uuid. It might seems to be bit raw tasted. I also thought about the on-screen keyboard option that a bot can send. But imagine, whenever you send a command, you have to wait for about 1s(or even more) to recieve the server selector message. Then you press the server you wanna manage, and hopefully receive a reply, ask your to enter the command. After another 1s, your command