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Staying at home during the corona virus pandemic is very boring.. And I have already spent quite a few days with PC(basically just playing games). One day I just didn’t want to play that game anymore, and wondered what else I could do. All in a sudden the idea of starting this project came to my mind.

Technical things during the development(I guess?)

All right, as we all know the Pterodactyl Panel API can just do limited things. And the way which how it works is very straight forward. So my real challanedge is how to make sure the bot has a good user experience. As you can see, the current interface isn’t something very great. When you sending a command or a power action, you need to enter your server uuid. It might seems to be bit raw tasted. I also thought about the on-screen keyboard option that a bot can send. But imagine, whenever you send a command, you have to wait for about 1s(or even more) to recieve the server selector message. Then you press the server you wanna manage, and hopefully receive a reply, ask your to enter the command. After another 1s, your command

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